© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 13021977: zzsan beach dunes Sisters Sanibel 2012 trip VOLUME 1         slide show (30)
May Sisters Annual Trip. Sanibel Island, Florida. Magical and peaceful.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 13026295: aa chair   hat in water Sisters Sanibel Trip 2012 VOLUME 2         slide show (29)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 13026329: aa last morning sunrise 2 Sisters Sanibel trip 2012 VOLUME 3         slide show (27)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 12088816: Bailey Boy Wilkinson         slide show (74)
Bailey Boy the Gentle Giant and Angel. RIP Bailey Boy Wilkinson. "Sometimes we forget how fragile life is. We forget that life is painfully limited. It seems so unfair that those limits so soon end the time we have with those we love. Yes, life is fragile. But how precious the beautiful the memories."

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 9028203: Butterflies & Winged Friends         slide show (43)
Butterflies and Birds.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 8781895: Sanibel Island Lighthouse Lighthouses         slide show (15)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 12611754: Cya & Alvin Alvin Valentine & Cya Bichon Frise         slide show (84)
WORLDS CUTEST DOGs, Alvin Valentine was born January 5, 2009. We adopted his Mama Cya September 2010 at 4.5 yrs old. New pictures added weekly and are in top of the list of images.
Breeder, Donna Jones, Music Box Bichons. Refer to link page for breeders website.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 4847727: Beautiful Day Digital Art Images         slide show (58)
Images created and enhanced with Filters and other Photoshop techniques

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 7630338: 3580 Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge         slide show (37)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 9064550: ROSEATE SPOONBILL IN FLIGHT Favorites         slide show (22)
Contact Mary through this site with any questions or purchase requests.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 11686874:  4-20-2011 Baby Red Shoulder Hawks. Monitoring Nest         slide show (22)
A Red Shoulder Hawk built a nest in a Royal Palm tree in my yard. I am lucky to observe and monitor the babies daily. These images are taken with a canon 100-400 lens with a 1.4 extender giving a focal length of 490mm. You can monitor their growth by date in the title.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 2411902: Great Blue Heron Birds of Southwest Florida         slide show (28)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 8387663: a7876 Valley Of Fire Nevada State Park         slide show (35)
May 21 2009

Valley of Fire is Nevada's oldest and largest state park, dedicated 1935. The valley derives its name from the red sandstone formations and the stark beauty of the Mojave Desert. Ancient trees and early man are represented throughout the park by areas of petrified wood and 3,000 year-old Indian petroglyph.
Petroglyphs are ancient drawings of the past & lifestyles of Native American cultures.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 12555970: Thanksgiving 2011         slide show (32)
Thanks Jean, Kari, Honor & Joel. We missed you Russ & Carolie!

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 11647477: zzmucky duck sisters Sisters Spring Break 2011 (private)         slide show (68)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 3668023: Sanibel Lighthouse Great Views         slide show (34)

Browse All Photos        slide show

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 3854363: Cathedral Rock  3734 Cathedral Rock ~ Arizona Landscapes         slide show (14)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 13209390: Moonset Fisheye Lens Images         slide show (10)
Images taken with Sigma 10mm fisheye lens.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 3855004: a_4434 Hot Air Balloon Adventures in Arizona         slide show (48)
Hot Air Balloon adventures through the Red Rocks & Coconino Forest in Sedona Arizona. Images taken from the Balloon with a 10-22 lens and from land with a 100-400 lens at sunrise.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 8536114: Pretty Bird Lensbaby Images         slide show (10)
The lensbaby is a specialty lens which allows the photographer to blur out most or part of the image. Impressionist images can be created out of camera without any filters added. If any filters are added to any images in this gallery, they are listed under the description.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 2166907: Bryce Canyon Bryce Canyon , Zion National Park, and Lake ...         slide show (79)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 8939952: 8-31--3144 Donna's House- August 2009 (private)         slide show (86)
A wonderful get together at Donna's House August 28-Sept 1, 2009. Dogs are Bailey, large brown dog belongs to Donna. 2 Yorkies Mika & Kiki belong to Carol. Bichon Alvin Valentine (such an angel) belongs to Mary.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 2166897: Ceasers ceiling Ceiling Art         slide show (11)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 7915286: Sisters- Jean, Carol, Donna, Mary  Nov. 2008 Family (private)         slide show (51)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 1698778: Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head Floral         slide show (14)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 2817031: Colors of the Canyon Grand Canyon Arizona, USA         slide show (29)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 3649059: Eagle 0418 American Bald Eagles         slide show (4)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 6088381: 4721 Carol Rafferty's Eagle collection         slide show (4)
Images taken by Carol Ann in Southwest Florida.

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 3656963: Jean Rodger's Eagle Collection         slide show (16)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 1786992: Lost Horizon Sunrise ~ Sunset         slide show (13)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 3668013:  Bull Shark, Gulf of Mexico, Catch & Release Underwater Adventures         slide show (17)
Sharks and Tropical Fish in The Atlantic Ocean & Gulf of Mexico

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 2817032: The Strip Wonders of Las Vegas         slide show (8)

© Mary  Iacofano  PhotoID# 11900863: 7th inning 1042r Atlanta Braves vs Texas Rangers June 19 ...         slide show (37)
Huge Thanks and hugs to my sister Donna and Sue Davis for taking me to the Braves game. Had a blast.


© Mary Iacofano

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